Hello refugees and non-refugees of the world.

Are you starving? Does your government, family or anybodys family or relatives hate you? Isnt your prisons and hospitals exactly as “good” as Swedish hospitals and prisons? Do you or a relative of yours have a fatal disease that you can’t afford to treat? Doesn’t your country have welfare like Sweden? Do you live in a muslim country? Are you Christian (or other non-muslim) in a muslim country? Are you gay in a muslim country? (or some African countries where people hate people for being gay, but not Russian since your skin color is wrong) Are you just tired of having a hard life?

If so, you are welcome to spend rest of your life in Sweden, all of you. You can travel back to your country every year to visit relatives or find a spouse (and then the spouses relatives can come to live in Sweden too) many times taxpayers pay for your trip so you dont even have to do that.

You may not know it yet but you are actually Swedes, as soon as you put your feet on Swedish soil you are, by many Swedes, even the government, a real Swede! I bet you didn’t know that? You see, Swedes doesn’t really exist, they never have actually. Anybody is a Swede if you call yourself a Swede.

As a Swede you have the right to all the benefits of the Swedish welfare state, you don’t even have to contribute, the taxpayers happily pay for you with one of the highest taxes in the world (for individuals, not big corporations or millionaires)

If you don’t have the right according to UN specifications to call yourself a refugee, that is not a problem. Just make up some story, they never require any proof of your story, your word is good enough. But cruical here is the skin color. If you look white, they will question your motives.

If the extremely unlikely thing would happen; you don’t get the right to live in Sweden for the rest of your life, you don’t have to worry. Just call the papers or media, they will start a campaign for you. You may have to hide and become so called “papperslös”. That doesn’t mean you are NOT a Swede, it just means that you just haven’t got your papers. Media and the leftists will fix that for you. Meanwhile you of course get free healthcare and your children can go too school. You don’t have to worry about the police, media have them under control so they won’t dare to do their job.

So, you don’t have to worry. Welcome to Sweden and all your problems will be solved.

Don’t forget to mention this to everybody in your country.

Disclaimer: this only applies to non white people, and white people from “white” countries. If you do not have a whit skin color and live, let’s say in Italy or Greece. Then you are welcome to Sweden too.


11 svar to “Hello refugees and non-refugees of the world.”

  1. Hans Erling Jensen (@Hans_Erling) Says:

    Hej, kan jag laga video med den texten? Ingress: TEXT: Varg I Veum?
    Skriv till info@freespeech.nu

  2. Varg i Veum Says:

    Du får göra vad du vill med texten 🙂 Du behöver inte ens ange bloggen som källa.

  3. Blodsven Says:

    Hade man inte vetat att detta ”skämt” var sant, så hade tyckt det var skitkul ironi. Nu är det väl snarare så att man blir gråtfärdig, deprimerad och skitförbannad…

  4. Lejeune Says:

    Sverige, arma land!

  5. Pica pica Says:

    Men för he****** bäste Vargen! Du får inte publicera sånt här. Det kan finnas någon ute i tredje världen som ännu inte vet om att det är sant. Inte lämna ut sådan information.

  6. Hans Erling Jensen (@Hans_Erling) Says:

    Jag har skickat texten till alla mina internationale kontakter med en kort ingress omkring dagens goda nyheter om, att vi inte länger bara skall vara afrikaner men nu även araber för allavar!

  7. Varg i Veum Says:

    Tack för det Hans Erling.
    @Pica pica. haha…ja, teoretisk risk finns ju, men jag tror djungeltelegrafen hos släkter och vänner sen flera år har spritt denna information redan 🙂


    […] Hans Erling Jensen sends the following from Varg ei Veum who musters up an excellent response to the news that I publish in full because this has to be […]

  9. Lise-Lotte Says:

    Sverige är inte Sverige mer. Svenskar är inte ens svenskar. För svensk får en svensk inte vara.. Bara de som kommit till Sverige får nu vara svenskar. Dom är förbjuden mark. Till dom får vi inte säga ett ord för det kan misstolkas. Fast dom får göra vad dom vill med oss. Nä fy fan det som händer i vårt land idag. Har folk blivit helt tokiga?

  10. Hans Erling Jensen (@Hans_Erling) Says:

    Hans ”Condell” Erling med Vargens text: http://youtu.be/QoEdTf4bsts

  11. Varg i Veum Says:

    Oj, jisses. Tack så mycket Hans Erling 🙂


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