Allahu Ahkbar… Hello offended muslims

Today your brothers, your fellow muslims who believe in the same God as you, killed 9 people who ”offended” you by publishing pictures of what you think is your ”prophet” and two police men who tried to come to their rescue. And this is not the first time this happens in contemporary muslim history. I understand you muslims, at least the most crazy among you, get ”offended” if someone non-muslim depicts your prophet even though all muslims scholars worth the name says it is forbidden for MUSLIMS to depict the prophet. Still you get upset when a non-muslim does it. Whats that all about?

It is quite obvious that you dont understand other cultures but your own islamic totaliarian one so let me educate you so you can co-exist with humans in the civilized world. Outside the muslim world there is something called ”humour” I am not gonna explain it to you, I think Wikipedia does it better here.

We use this ”humour” to make the every day a bit more fun to be in. Sometimes we use it to show something obvious in a humouristic way. A couple of the millons of satire drawings that are made every year are these drawings of someone you call ”the prophet”. You think that the people that draws them are out to mock your ”prophet” so you do as you always do, you get upset and start protesting. But let me educate you on how homour works.

This famous picture for example:


You think that the artist depicts your, the ”normal” muslims, prophet. Well, the artist do if you self see the prophet as a terrorist (and many do, or at least as a murderer, so you wouldnt be alone) Then I can somehow understand your ”0ffendness” then you are actually meant to be offended by the truth. But every thinking person knows (well, not the islamophiles on the left and crazy muslims) that this is not what this picture says.

The picture is to mock the terrorist view of muhammed, not the one that you have ”interpreted”. Unless you dont see muhammed as a terrorist there is no realistic or logic reason for any sane person to be offended. So why do you get offended? Dont you have faith in your own religion and prophet? Whatta do ya think that Allah guy think of such weak followers?


5 svar to “Allahu Ahkbar… Hello offended muslims”

  1. Pica pica Says:

    How do they know it’s a picture of Mohammed?

  2. Erik Says:

    Där det finns en muslim där finns det samtidigt en förorättad person.

  3. Varg i Veum Says:

    Pica, I guess because, at least when looking at the picture I show here, the artist writes ”muhammed” in the picture 🙂 But, hey, sure there are alot of muslim terrorist morons who´s name is muhammed so we cant be sure. 🙂

  4. Pica pica Says:

    Jag önskar att jag tagit ett foto men tänkte inte på det då. Jag har faktiskt sett en bild på profeten i en bok utgiven av ett muslimsk organ här i Sverige. Den fanns i ett skolbibliotek. Som alla vet ska vi ju lära mer i skolan om islam så det kommer allt fler böcker om islam. Kan säga att på den bilden var profeten mer gudalik än den ovan. Hela boken på svenska men efter varje omnämnande av Muhammed så följde lite krumelurer (peace be upon him) som alla rättrogna rabblar. Så – även solen har fläckar…..

  5. Varg i Veum Says:

    Oj, synd att du inte tänkte på att ta en bild. Fatta vilka upprördhet det blivit 🙂 Vad hade Gudrun Schyman, Mattias Gardell, Aftonbladets propagandörer och sossarnas ”broderskapsrörelse” sagt då tro?


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