Want to seek refuge in Sweden? This you should know.

Dear Mr and Mrs Muslim.

So, you want to flee from your muslim country to a western country like Sweden? There are some ground rules that many muslim refugees dont seem to be aware of and gets very surprised and upset when they arrive. They seem to be upset because they find out that Sweden is not a muslim country, that swedes in general doesnt look at the world like muslims. Personally I find that very surprising so I thought I might give you a lesson since your human trafficers wont tell you this.

In Sweden it is written into the law that it is ok to slander a religion, to slander a prophet. Regardless which religion the prophet belongs to. Almost all muslims who arrive here find that as a big surprise. Religion here is something you do in your own privacy and should not bother other people with it since they are not interested.

Other thing that seems to surprise many muslims is that women are free here. No one has the right to tell them how they should dress or behave. They are not whores if they like to have sex with who ever they choose. They are free individuals as the men. They are not totally equal in all aspects of life but they are working hard to change that. You must accept the fact that your daughters WILL want this freedom too.

If that is something that bothers you, we recommend you choose a muslim country to flee to. The closest thing to a western country in the muslim world would be Malaysia or maybe Indonesia so you might want to try there instead. You´d probably feel more home there.

IF you still think Sweden is a country you think you could adapt to there are some simple things to be aware of:
We do have a big welfare state that takes care of people in need. It is built on the assumption that all people want to work and contribute to it. it is a bit shameful if you dont do everything in your power to avoid welfare or unemployment benefits. Just because of the simple fact that it is your working fellow citizens money you are living on. Sweden has one of the worlds highests taxes already.

You must also remember that there are about a million unemployed people here already, so if you dont have a skill that is sought after you have no big chance to find employment. Another fact is that there is shortage of apartments (thanks to a enormous immigration)  to new arrivals so you will have hard time to find anywhere to live.

Ett svar to “Want to seek refuge in Sweden? This you should know.”

  1. Drebin Says:

    ”In Sweden it is written into the law that it is ok to slander a religion, to slander a prophet.”

    I wish that was true, but jus ask Dan Park or Marcus Birro.


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