Refugees welcome

Dear refugee.

I see that you found this site in search for a safe haven. As you might have heard Sweden and Germany, or the EU as whole is nice countries to go to. But you should be aware of that these countries is not the paradise your human traffickers tell you. As I stated in another post (here) the culture here is radically different from yours and many has hard time to adapt.

But there is another country closer to you that consider them selves humane and welcome refugees. They offer refugees jobs, housing, education and health care. Not many refugees seems to know this. It is probably much cheaper to go to Qatar and less dangerous. You don’t have to pass the hazardous Mediterranean to reach a safe haven. You probably even get all the benefits faster since Qatar is under no pressure from hundreds of thousands refugees like Sweden or Germany. In EU it will take many years before you get a job or learn the language good enough to get a job that pays enough for you to support your family. And you compete with hundred of thousands other refugees who don’t even flee from war, just poverty. Qatar and other gulf states don’t have that problem so if you have cause for asylym your chance is much bigger there. And you dont have to worry about islamophobia (if you´re muslim)

But dont trust me, trust Qatars foreign minister when he says that Qatar in deed welcomes refugees in this interview in Al Jazeera. He says this right in the beginning of the video.




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